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parents and students….working together!!! The future!!
September 20, 2007, 1:35 am
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The internet isn’t as dangerous as people think it is, with parents help it can be a pleasure to use for all.Students using web 2.0 tools are at a great advantage as it teaches them to work together collaboratively within the classroom with their fellow peers and teacher. Parents are unaware of this technological shift and sometimes its their children that update them about these new advances.Educators within schools should take it upon themselves to venture out into the world and find what is on the internet, it will truly amaze you. Effectively engaging students with school work that can be done using these web2.0 tools will shed a whole different light on the way the students see their school work.Parents on the other hand are often nagging students asking them if they have completed their homework and to get off the computer and start doing some writing, when in fact they are on the computer working on their blog for homework or working on a wiki to be able to work collaboratively with other students within their class.  We do have teachers in our schools who are exploring right alongside me, and others who can see the power of Web 2.0 for blending learning experiences with global education and business contacts. But you are right – it is a big shift for educators to jump into social networking. The tools are definitely no longer fads – they ARE our kids, and they are their future… and now!JUDY O’CONNELL


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