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September 13, 2007, 12:14 am
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Understanding and Promoting Complex Learning Using Technology-By Phillip Abrami

September 12th, 2007

This paper serves as the introduction to a collection of 8 projects and a commentary seeking to understand and promote complex learning using technology. Selective evidence on the current state of technology for learning in schools is summarized along with numerous recommendations. Key issues associated with the uses of technology to promote complex and active learning are highlighted. It is argued that accessibility and interactivity with the material and other learners are important features which influence the underlying motivational and cognitive processes which affect complex learning using technology.

The nature of cooperative learning is briefly summarized emphasizing positive interdependence and individual accountability as means to promote peer interaction. Fourteen learner-centered psychological principles are listed under several headings: cognitive and met cognitive, motivational and affective, developmental and social, and individual difference factors influencing learners and learning.

Finally, key issues in the technology integration process are discussed: creating the school vision, taking stock, partnerships, professional development, implementation, and review.


The article shows how technology supports collaborative learning within the classroom and how it supports the individual in learning and most importantly learning effectively. This in turn will enable students to be self learners which is important. In describing the importance of psychology on technology and learning the author also suggested lifelong learners, whether inside or outside the classroom, self-regulate their own learning. Such is an interesting point as it shows that learners will engage with the learning task cognitively, metacognitvely and motivationally. Overall it makes a clear point of how technology plays an important role in the process by enhancing students interactively with the material to be learnt.


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