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September 6, 2007, 2:12 am
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This blog is an excellent learning tool for using web2.0. It has great infromation and links and tools for web2.0.

examples include:



and she has a few vidoes on researching the internet wisely.

she also has a posting on using blogging within the curriculum which is great because it shows you how to blog within the classroom.

Setting up a shared blog space for groups of students working on different topics, such as: Visual Ventures (electricity); Safety First (issues for different scenarios); New Concepts (cool maths problems to try and solve); Riddles & Poems; Religion (World Youth Day – the latest on the cross, and living the message of Jesus).

This blog gives you everything you need to know when using Web2.0. I think blogs done for this purpose are GREAT..


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well welll wellll if it isnt Elizabeth Solimon…lol
I love ur blogg…u love this stuff, i can see why u and mahran r soo in love ur both computer nerds! lolllll

Comment by hdagher

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