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How to use facebook in the classroom!!
August 16, 2007, 3:03 am
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Teachers can use face book in the classroom fristly by creating a group for their class for example. The whole class will then be able to interact with each other and post new infromation on their wall.

for example if you were teaching a subject about world war two you can add a hyperlink to your wall on your face book account for the students to access. (WWII VIDEO)

 This is a far better way to teach rather than using books and pens. The teacher could even hyperlink some information she wants the students to access and they could all see it and get on it through the teachers wall on her facebook. You could also add photos and pictures onto facebook, so this could be used in the classroom when the teachers needs to get an image across to the students maybe in Ancient History and get them to analyze the source.

summary: facebook=

  • form a group with class
  • the teacher has control
  • each student can contribute. everyone can do their bit adding hyperlinks ect.
  • like having a class in the virtual world so quite children can also contribute.
  • the student builds up their own understanding to the topic by having a look at others input.
  • its always changing you never have a final product.

facebook is safe and private!!!! which is important…


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Hey great blog! I to enjoy exploring web 2.0 technologies and their possibilities in the classroom…. Thanks for the great info.

Comment by kayc28

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